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Inclement weather does not have to affect your weekend, weekday or any day plans. Carports offer protection from not only rain, sleet and hail, but also the burning rays of the sun. But do not let the name full you, these multi-purpose shelters are more than convenient place to park your car.



The most obvious of all carport uses, is a garage. Available in variety of sizes, shapes and styles, a carport is able to accommodate nearly any vehicle, from trucks and cars to boats and jets skis to RVs and campers. Quality components and professional welds can withstand the harshest weather. And because roof designs, colors and components are completely customizable, each carport can be built to compliment the design of any home. It will look so good that you and your neighbors won’t be able to remember your home without it.

Picnic Shelter

Tired of getting rained out of a lovely outdoor meal? How about getting scorched by the heat of mid-day sun rays? A high-quality carport makes a fantastic picnic shelter that will allow you to get the full potential out of your outdoor space.

Art Studio / Workshop

Do you have a creative soul or love to work with your hands? A carport makes an amazing outdoor workshop or artist studio, so you never have to worry about not having enough space. Available in a range of sizes, a single carport can easily store craft supplies, paints and sculpting materials as well as workbenches, tools, lumber and more. Add walls for extra insulation in cold months and a little privacy, or leave it open to be rejuvenated by a fresh breeze. Don’t overcrowd your house, enjoy a comfortable, accessible and fully customizable workspace instead.

Home Brewery

Craft beer, artisan wines and seasonal ciders have become a past time enjoyed by many. And as these specially made beverages have become more popular, so has brewing personal batches for custom tastes. The only problem is, pouring gallons of liquid can quickly become a slippery, sticky mess. A carport offers the perfect space to make this new hobby an accessible reality. The shelter can be placed anywhere, offering plenty of room for stoves, burners, bottles and other brewing equipment. Since it is outside, spills are easy to clean and can be washed away with a hose. Become the next master brewer with the help of a brand-new carport.

Poolside Cabana

Don’t let a sunburn ruin a weekend by the pool, create a shelter from the sun’s rays instead. There is no need for expensive wooden models that rot and decay, with a high-quality steel or aluminum carport, you’ve got low maintenance area to escape the sun without having to leave the comfort of your pool. A smaller size is ideal for a couple of chairs or get a larger model and have the whole neighborhood over. When the sun goes down, hang lights from the roof and you’ve got yourself an all-night clubhouse. Get the most out of your time off.

Personal Office

Have you ever wanted a personal office without the commute of expensive overhead? Then a custom carport could be the solution for you. Choose four walls, or three, or maybe none! With only a roof over your head you get the pleasures of working outdoors without the glare of the sun or sudden showers interrupting your workflow. Add four walls and a few windows, and you’ll be happy as a clam no matter what season it is. With a practically infinite number of size and style combinations available, you can choose the perfect office for any job.


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