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A Guide to the Different Types of Metal Carports

A carport is a strong, sturdy and dependable multi-purpose shelter designed to keep vehicles and valuables safe from a wide range of potential damages. Different roof styles offer varied levels of support to accommodate different climate and regional needs. There are also several different shapes, styles and dimensions for virtually every purpose. Taller styles with large clearances are perfect for storing RVs while more compact variations make great sheds. Walls, windows and doors can be incorporated to create a freestanding structure with the security of warehouse. Depending on your needs and your budget, there is a custom option that is just right for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Carport Style

  • What type of roof will fit your needs? Do you need commercial grade or will non-commercial do?
  • How much space do you need? Most carports are offered in custom dimensions.
  • How much clearance do you require? Are you storing a bike or a full-size RV?
  • Do you want a closed or open space? Some carports are open while others are fully enclosed.
  • What look will match existing structures? Vertical and horizontal panels are just one way to customize your carports aesthetic appearance.

A-Frame with Vertical Panels

Most carports come with a frame style roof that prevents the buildup of snow and debris, and directs them away from the structure. Vertical style panels offer a slight overhang that not only provides a nice finished look for a more pleasing aesthetic, but also does a superior job of directing precipitation away from the carport and the people or items underneath. This design can be built to nearly any height or width, allowing it to accommodate virtually any vehicle. In addition, the A-Frame design offers secure transition welds from the roof to the legs, creating a sturdy long lasting shelter.

A-Frame with Bend Transition

The A-Frame with bend transition style carport is the simplest, and most economic carport option. Its pointed top and sloped panels offer protection from the elements, deflecting rain and debris resulting in a cozy dry space underneath. This design can be built to nearly any height or width, allowing it to accommodate virtually any vehicle. The curved transition ends require no additional welds and do not need channels supports any additional trim, saving you more money.

Enclosed Structures

If you are looking for more protection, privacy and coverage than an enclosed structure style may be the design you are looking for. Enclosed structures deliver the strength, privacy and durability of a garage or warehouse without the hefty price tag. These designs allow builders to add windows, doors and openings as they see fit to create a space that is 100% protected from outside forces. Doors come in a range of sizes. Standard size doors allow for normal entry and exit while large, garage style doors are built to accommodate vehicles of all sizes. No matter what you are storing, this design will leave you feeling confident and your mind at ease.

Arch Buildings

Arch buildings are constructed from the strongest materials, offering unparalleled structural integrity. The arch design ensures optimal force dispersion, that allows the structure to withstand fierce hurricane level winds and extended blizzards. Its curved shape delivers an attractive aesthetic that is sure to impress friends, family and neighbors. Whether you are building your dream workshop, a private studio or just want a reliable storage building, the arch design is the way to go.

Mini Shelters

Sometimes a full-size carport takes up too much space and is more than you need. The mini shelter style is designed to provide an economic, ergonomic and compact storage area for the space conscious customer. It is ideal for keeping lawn equipment, bikes and even ATVs covered and protected from the elements. If you are interested in storing smaller equipment, this may be the option for you.


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